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Vinda orders Futura lines for continued growth in China

Vinda has signed an agreement with Futura for the supply of multiple high-performance converting lines for tissue roll products.

One of the leading players in China’s fast-expanding tissue market, Vinda is investing in new capacity to meet demand while improving its competitive position through quality products made on cutting edge equipment.

Vinda’s choice of partner for growth was influenced by its positive experience with Futura technology already installed within the Group, as well as the potential offered by Andromeda Concept solutions.

Futura Head of Sales and VP of International Operations, Piero Ceccon, said: “It has been a very positive experience working with Vinda and we are delighted that our partnership is entering a new phase of intensity. The tissue market in China is evolving strongly and all of us as Futura are highly motivated to be redrawing the boundaries together with such an important player in this market.”

The first complete lines ordered are scheduled to start up in 2017.

Futura Press Release — Lucca, April 15, 2016


The world is full of companies that believe they have reached the top and just sit down, and literally within months, without even knowing what happened to them, they collapse. Primarily because the market is like a bicycle race. Following is always easier than leading. And then because, when you lose momentum, it's not so easy to get it back. It's fact that squatters are not the best runners.

– Fabio Perini, Chairman of Futura S.p.A.


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