Growing our presence 
in Russia

December 11, 2014

PAP FOR Russia this year was a great opportunity for Futura to strengthen its brand position in this important market and support its Russian agent Andrey Panov, who organized meetings with the key players in the Russian pulp and paper world.

Basket Le Mura Lucca: a sure bet

The new adventure that sees Futura supporting the female team of Le Mura Basket couldn't have started in a better way...



FUTURA LAB was created in 2006, located at a short distance from Futura Headquarters in Lucca.
The LAB is of great strategic value and allows us to generate ideas and build prototypes boosting our innovative capacities and consequently our competitiveness on the worldwide market in which we operate.
Futura has invested, invests and will continue to invest substantial resources in R&D.
Futura delivers Pure Innovation.