Andromeda is the embodiment of Futura. It represents determination and belief. But above all it is the future of converting, now.

An example of Made-in-Italy technological leadership, the outcome of outstanding innovation combined with production excellence, it is more than the sum of its parts.

Andromeda means real, tangible results.

Key advantages

Converting can be world class only when process control becomes global. It’s about running the line as a single entity with a unique, integrated overall vision. This creates high and consistent production efficiency.

It’s a percentage game and Andromeda creates winners through new benchmark levels of availability, performance and quality.

When you redraw the boundaries of automation, you not only create a significantly more efficient solution, but a safer one, too.

Every material, every component, every single detail of the design and engineering has been chosen with care to deliver optimal productivity and a finished product of the highest quality.

Andromeda was built with the specific goal of maximising productivity. This is achieved by minimising wastage and reducing manpower.

Key technological innovations

Optimising reel handling is a fundamental aspect of a converting line. Futura’s solution is unique. Andromeda’s Integrated Robotized Handling System can load, upload and splice reels using exceptional levels of automation and safety, which means that the line enjoys maximum continuous productivity. The System also allows changing of embossing rolls and maintenance operations from the backstand to the rewinder head.

Futura drew upon its decades of experience in winding know-­how when designing and developing SFERICA. The result is a solution which ensures that the inherent characteristics of the paper are maintained throughout the winding process: from the first to the last sheet, whether conventional, structured or TAD. In summary, SFERICA offers simplicity, reliability and total process control at top performance.

Duplex is the only machine on the market designed with independent double head functionality to deliver maximum production efficiency. The new core accumulator also ensures perfect handling of cardboard tubes. The combination of these two elements has allowed Futura to create a highly innovative compact layout which means Duplex can be installed inside the converting line rather than as an external unit. This means a significant saving in terms of space usage with positive effects on plant Capex, particularly when it comes to “green field” projects.

The majority of Andromeda operations can be run from a single control room positioned right beside the line. This is a significant departure from conventional lines and means not only ease of operation, but also enhanced safety. It embodies Industry 4.0. From a single unit you have all the line’s functionality at your fingertips. What’s more, thanks to the latest generation smart HMI control systems, the Control Room allows you to direct operations of more than one line simultaneously.

Andromeda takes up significantly less space than other converting lines. Two Andromeda lines require a width of just 28 metres compared to the 43 metres typically necessary for lines with traditional configurations, and this is largely thanks to the core maker which is usually a separate unit standing outside a standard line. The advantages are clear: simplified logistics and an appreciable saving in terms of manpower and Capex.

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