16 years old with 50 years of history

Futura is the brainchild of Fabio Perini, the man who changed the world of converting.

Over 16 years the spirit and vision that drives Fabio Perini has permeated the company to the point that his ambition for Futura to be the most innovative company in the sector is ingrained in each and every team member.

// History & leadership

Faper Group

Futura is part of Faper Group, a holding company of machinery manufacturers dedicated to the world of tissue and hygienic products. It later expanded into the world of superyachts and healthcare systems.

All of Faper Group’s activities are based on two simple concepts: Made in Italy for Niche Markets.

Fabio Perini

Fabio Perini was born near Lucca into a family of paper entrepreneurs. At the age of 17 he had already patented his first device for process automation in paper manufacturing. This was the first idea, and the first patent, in a long series of technological breakthroughs that in just a short while would redefine the concept of tissue converting. Since then he has dedicated his career to the creation of new industrial models and technology innovation.

He was nominated ‘Cavaliere del Lavoro’ in 1991.

Fabio Perini

"An invention must be total, extreme, and simple at the same time"

Fabio Perini
Honorary President

// People

Senior Leadership & Management Team

Since the first line delivered in 2003, Futura has achieved technical leadership through innovation, inspiration and the dedication shown by all who work for Futura.

June 2017 saw the announcement of a new Board of Directors with Piero Ceccon as Chief Executive Officer.

Fabio Perini, founder of Futura, has taken the position of Honorary President, with Fabio Boschi Chairman.

The Futura Board is completed by Giovacchino Giurlani, Head of Technology & FuturaLab and Giulio Simonelli, Head of Operations.

The Board and wider management team combine considerable experience in the industry with the skill and vision to deliver tangible results. The company culture fosters trust internally and externally, and acknowledges the contribution of the whole team in providing the best in technology, service and partnership.

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Futura S.P.A.

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