Futura thinks beyond the traditional boundaries of technological innovation in order to create not only machinery but also smart solutions designed to optimise all round efficiency and quality.


FuturaLab is the beating heart of innovation at Futura. This is where it all happens. FuturaLab is a laboratory for ideas and technology, driven by a team of design engineers, technical experts and process specialist, who combine their skills to create, innovate and perfect Futura lines. Here, in the heart of Tuscany, is an incubator of solutions destined to become the new benchmarks for the tissue industry.

Completely integrated automated processes.

A simplified and totally safe user experience.

Contributing towards client profitability by optimising the resource/production correlation on the key production touch points.

Better-performing services tailored to the individual needs of clients.

Scrupulous attention to environmental and industrial sustainability, together with medium-term ROI.