Professional lines

Futura’s lines for the Professional (Away-­from‐Home) market offer the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and flexibility to the often changing demands of this globally sensitive market.

A wide range of products and a finished product standard of incomparable quality are the reasons Future Professional lines are highly acclaimed, particularly in the areas of Parent Reel Handling, embossing, rewinding and cutting.

All Futura Professional lines can be delivered in various configurations.

  • Start 1
  • Start 2
  • Joi
  • F1
  • Motion
  • Janus
  • Coremax

Start Unwinder

  • Reel diameter: 2500 mm (98”) 3000 mm (118”)
  • Flying Splicer
  • Automatic web threading
  • Tail expulsion system
  • Stabilizing web foils
  • Web tension control by load cells
  • Carbon fiber idle rolls

Sab Splicer

  • Flying Splicer
  • Tail expulsion system

Joi Embosser

  • Zero Deflexion design of embossing rolls with uniform nip at any pressure
  • Universal range of configurations, with change from Nested to Point-to-Point in less than 2 hours
  • Maximum speed, volume and efficiency in Point‐to‐Point configuration
  • The unique Steel Marrying Roll ensures not only maximum product quality but also a notable reduction in maintenance
  • Ease of use combined with the highest safety standards
  • When used in Andromeda configuration, embossing rolls can be automatically changed using a robotised crane integrated in the reel handling system

F1 Rewinder

  • Unique patented transfer system performs log pick up and tail sealing
  • No tail sealer
  • Log diameter from 100 mm (4.33”) to 320 mm (12.60”)
  • All rolls are driven independently
  • Ply bonding (optional)
  • Double perforation (optional)

Motion Accumulator

  • Storage capacity from 30 to 80 logs depending on configuration
  • Solid structure with double torsion bar for high reliability
  • No bucket oscillation
  • Automatic chain lubrication system

Janus Professional Cutting System

  • Double-­blade sharpening system on both sides of the blade
  • Cutting speed of up to 45 strokes per minute per lane
  • Automatic trim elimination
  • Cutting parameters can be adjusted from the control panel
  • Automatic dust extraction during blade sharpening

Coremax Coremaker

Corewinder and Unwind stand

  • Speed up to 85 mt/min (279 fpm) or up to 30 cores/min of 2800mm
  • Flying splice on single frame
  • 1 to 4 ply capability
  • Slot extruder cold glue system
  • Hot melt system to avoid “cat ears” at high speed
  • Cutting tolerance ± 2 mm (0.078”)

Core accumulator

  • Stores up to 900 cores
  • Reliable operation up to 60 cores/min
  • Perfect core handling