// The Company

History and leadership

16 years old with 50 years of history

Futura is the brainchild of Fabio Perini, the man who changed the world of converting. Over 16 years the spirit and vision that drives Fabio Perini has permeated the company to the point that his ambition for Futura to be the most innovative company in the sector is ingrained in each and every team member.

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// Products


Andromeda is the embodiment of Futura. It represents determination and belief. But above all it is the future of converting, now. An example of Made-in-­Italy technological leadership, the outcome of outstanding innovation combined with production excellence, it is more than the sum of its parts. Andromeda means real, tangible results.

// Innovation and development


FuturaLab is the beating heart of innovation at Futura. This is where it all happens. FuturaLab is a laboratory for ideas and technology, driven by a team of designers who combine their skills to create, innovate and perfect Futura lines. Here, in the heart of Tuscany, is an incubator of solutions destined to become the new benchmarks for the tissue industry.

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// Services

Futura ProCare

Futura ProCare introduces you to a new world. A place in which the everyday is transformed into something extraordinary by simply harnessing two powerful single elements. Outstanding technology comes together with the minds behind it to provide operational simplicity, cost savings and an unprecedented level of support and care. The result is a partnership delivering not only improved business performance but also faster, tailored responses. Because when it comes to great business relationships, nothing beats the human touch.

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